Roofing Services:

We have a great amount of experience fixing roofs, the following are signs that you need a new roof or a roof repair:

  • Granules in Your Gutter
  • Leaks in Your House
  • Screen Striations
  • Neighbor is Getting a Roof Replaced
  • Hail Storm Came By

Window Services:

In a hail or wind storm, windows are often damaged from hail or debris. This damage is often seen as streaks or striations on the window screens.

Insurance companies mostly only cover the side of the house, or elevation, that has been damaged by the storm. Homeowners are challenged by trying to match a new window with the existing frames. We can match your current windows without the pressure to replace every pane on the house. Because we focus on repairing storm damage and not on refitting the structure with an entirely new set of windows, homeowners save money on window replacements.



Gutter Services

Gutters can be dinged and dented during storms, damaging them both aesthetically and decreasing their functionality. Insurance companies will usually replace gutters with storm damage, either in full or partially.

Partial replacement is no problem for us. Even with gutters that have faded through years of sun exposure, Jax Expert Roofers can use state-of-the-art technology to find your closest match.


Vinyl Sliding Services

Just like roofs, vinyl siding can also be damaged by storms. Hail and debris can cause dings that create areas for water to gather, leading to corrosion. The underside of the siding can become damp, quickly ruining walls. Any damage to siding should be fixed quickly.

Typically our crews can cover a full house with siding in two days. Most jobs, however, do not involve replacing siding for the entire house. Insurance usually covers only the side, or elevation, with storm damage.


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